Wacky Wednesday

Statue of Liberty.jpg

The American Treasure Tour Museum strives to be a place where anyone can come - be they American or just visiting - and be confident that they will hear only the truth. Oh, sure, misinformation might happen occasionally, like the time one of us thought it was 2:13pm when it was actually 2:15pm, but never is there malice in our intentions. This comes up today, in a blog dedicated to the Statue of Liberty we have on the tram route in our Toy Box, because we do not want anyone to be confused:  this is NOT the original Statue of Liberty. The real one is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. And the real one is 305 feet tall, while ours is somewhere around seven feet tall.  Of course, we want everyone to visit our Statue, but we do have to respectfully request that you please do not try to climb it.  That will only end poorly.

So here are some interesting facts about the REAL Statue.  Ours is kinda not quite as interesting as the original - but please don't tell anyone we said that. It was designed by French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, with a little help from a guy named Gustav Eiffel, who would become kinda famous for something else he designed on his own. The Statue was intended as a centennial gift to the United States to celebrate 1876, but it took longer to get here than expected, and arrived in 1886. It's made out of 350 separate pieces that were all attached upon their arrival in the States, and placed on top of a pedestal that was built using money from one of the nation's earlier crowd funding petitions:  people donated what money they could - nickels and dimes oftentimes - until enough was made to construct the beautiful stand the Statue stands on today.  (The Treasure Tour's Statue doesn't even have a pedestal. Maybe we should try to crowd fund one, too!)