Full-Throttle Thursday

Fire Truck.jpg

We have a tough question for you today: if you make a blog about an electric car, can you really give it a heading of "full throttle"?  Really?  Maybe it doesn't make much difference since it's happening anyway.  We are going to give a shout out to one of the only true artifacts in the collection that has anything to do with the original use of the building.  When our 1.2 million square foot facility was actively making tires for the B.F. Goodrich Company, the little red electric fire truck on the guided tram ride section of the tour was used as part of the factory's fire brigade.  It has space for a driver and one passenger, as well as all the gear necessary to keep factory personnel safe from the potential for flames, notably fire-resistant jackets and protective helmets.  Of course, now there are other pieces displayed on it as well, including some delightful Hess trucks, but this small vehicle was a key to safety here at the factory for many years.

Taylor Dunn has been in the business of making durable vehicles for diverse usage since its beginning in 1949, when a California-based poultry supplier named Davis Taylor (not to be confused with acclaimed violinist Taylor Davis), used his degree in mechanical engineering to create an electric-powered cart for his business.  It proved to be an inspired decision, and nearby ranchers asked him for similar vehicles. Soon enough, he replaced an orange grove with a sheet-metal factory at his home in Anaheim, California and opened the Taylor Shop. Two years later, he was joined in business by Fred Dunn, and the two men started a company that has been providing quality commercial and industrial vehicles ever since.  https://www.taylor-dunn.com