The Color of Money

QUESTION:  For which of the following films was Paul Newman NOT nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award?
A). The Road to Perdition (2003)
B). Hud (1964)
C). The Hustler (1962)
D). Absence of Malice (1982)

The posters displayed throughout the American Treasure Tour honor movies throughout the decades. The Color of Money was released in 1986. It starred one of the silver screen's most popular young actors coupled with one of film's living legends of the time: Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. One striking novelty of the movie is that it is a sequel following the life of Eddie Nelson.  He is character that Newman made famous twenty-five years earlier with his Oscar-nominated performance in The Hustler, where a young, hot-headed pool shark learned the secrets of the game and its subtleties by Minnesota Fats, played memorably by Jackie Gleason.

The Color of Money was a big hit for its main actors and its director - a relative unknown to this day named Martin Scorsese. Jackie Gleason, very much alive at the time the film was produced, declined making an appearance in the film as Minnesota Fats because he felt the character was unnecessary to propel the plot. Notably, Tom Cruise's commitment to his character of Vincent Lauria was such that he purchased a pool table for his apartment and trained night and day for the roll. He made every shot used in the film except one - a jump of his ball over two others that sunk in the hole. We can only guess whether Cruise will star in another sequel in 2021 to celebrate another twenty-five years between films....

ANSWER:  A). The Road to Perdition (2003).  He was actually nominated for Best Supporting Actor for that one.  He also received Best Actor nominations for Nobody's Fool (1995), Cool Hand Luke (1968), The Verdict (1983), and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1959).  His sole victory, however, was for The Color of Money.