Wacky Wednesday

Wilma and Fred.png

So much fun, so little time. But the American Treasure Tour blog strives to provide nuggets of information about the pieces you can see here in Oaks.  Advertising takes many forms.  Our visitors discover the delight of electronic store animations that, while not always intended to advertise specific items, were often intended to draw attention to specific products and places. Another item we have is standees. These are cut-out forms, often cardboard, that may have depicted full-size humans or products with the intention of heightening awareness of them, or maybe to make a business seem more appealing. Today's standee depicts Fred Flintstone. He's only about two-and-a-half feet tall, so he's clearly intended to appeal to a younger/smaller audience, but he evokes the familiar character in bright and vibrant colors. 

Fred Flintston.jpg

Fred Flintstone, the subject of today's standee, was head of the household in the cartoon television series The Flintstones, which aired from 1960 through 1966.  It was the first time a cartoon ever aired during prime time. It was a Hanna Barbera production, their first not geared towards an exclusively young audience. The "modern stone-aged family" of Fred and Wilma (with later addition Pebbles) and their friends next door Barney and Betty Rubble (with later son Bam Bam), lived lives familiar to their audiences in the mid-twentieth century, but incorporated dinosaurs into their daily lives, and used wordplay to comedic affect. The show proved popular enough to inspire numerous spin-offs over the decades since its cancellation, and it remains on our breakfast food shelves also, with their popular rice-based Pebbles cereals.  So, watch The Flintstones on television, or come to the American Treasure Tour to see our standee!  Or do both - it sounds like a win-win situation regardless!