Full-Throttle Thursday

Marlon Brando - the Wild One.jpg

The thrill of riding the highway.  Revving your engine.  Seeing the world whiz by as you're breaking the speed limit.  Traveling against the wind, with lots of bugs hitting your face or windshield.  Motorcycles are either loved or hated by drivers on the road, but the bikes we have here at the Treasure Tour are all about love.  One bike we would love to have is the 1950 Triumph Thunderbird 6T, famously driven by Marlon Brando in his iconic rebellion film The Wild One.  When that movie hit the big screen in 1953, Brando's iconic Perfecto-style motorcycle jacket caused ripples of popular culture excitement, while his sideburns started a craze.  He inspired other famous performers of his day to grow the 'burns long - James Dean and Elvis Presley notably - and the rest of the nation took notice.  Dean even went so far as to buy his own Trump T-bird 6T, too.  If mimicry is a high form of compliment, then Dean was definitely praising Brando. And of course it made Brando a star.

So, the American Treasure Tour does not have Brando's bike. In fact, accusations that The Wild One glorified biker gang violence got it banned from theaters in the United Kingdom for a full fourteen years.  Then, to reduce the chance of anyone getting their hands on the original bike, it was actually destroyed.  Which is to say nobody has the actual bike from the film.  But we have an authentic reproduction poster showing Brando on the Triumph, right here at the American Treasure Tour.  Don't believe us?  Well, come on out and see it!