Funny Friday

Stooges Golf.jpg

We all love to laugh.  If we're wrong on that, we're not sure you want to come to the American Treasure Tour, because this place is not only a lot of fun, but it can (figuratively) tickle your funny bone, too.  We have lots of great stuff on display here, including some classic Three Stooges posters and memories - most notably of the Stooges taking a golf outing. 

Not a Stooges fan?  Don't worry, you will also see other greats of old and new throughout the collection.  The Disney family represents with the classics - Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto - as do the great characters Warner Brothers introduced us to including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, ands many more.  We'll get into those in the coming weeks. Until then, enjoy Three Little Beers starring Larry, Moe and Curly!