Wacky Wednesday

Tis a Mans World.jpg

There are all sorts of artists in the world. Of course, the most famous tend to be painters and sculptors, but there are many more and varied ways to express oneself than on canvas or with marble. One way is through miniatures!  And the American Treasure Tour has more miniatures than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means!).  One of the newest arrivals is a depiction of the fantasy mancave of its creator - whose name we sadly don't even have. But, based on the fact that the mancave has a space inside for a motorboat, taxidermy fish, and a number of rods, we're going to guess that this is the vision of an avid fisherman.  

Tis a Mans World 2.jpg

To be fair, it doesn't exactly take much in the way of deduction to come up with that.  In fact, there's a sign right next to the tackle box that reads: '3/4 of the Earth's surface is water... and 1/4 is soil - It's easy to see that the good lord intended for us to do more Fishing than Plowing."  A notable absence from the miniature, now that it comes up, is farming equipment.  No plows.  (For all you farmers out there, the American Treasure Tour does not necessarily endorse this anti-plowing mentality. Thank you.)