Monday at the Museum

We at the American Treasure Tour blog love Mondays!  This is our chance to encourage fans of American culture to explore beyond our own walls. Of course, we firmly believe everyone needs to come explore our own amazing collection - but there's a big country out there that you also need to check out. That said, we encourage you to go to Baltimore. You could easily spend a weekend visiting some of the fascinating destinations in the city - the Geppi's Entertainment Museum, the Star-Spangled Banner House, the Great Blacks in Wax Museum, Fort McHenry, the Baltimore Museum of Industry, have we said enough?  To answer our own question: no.  Because this list does not even include the American Visionary Art Museum.


The American Visionary Art Museum, or AVAM, has become one of the most unique and memorable destinations in Baltimore's Inner Harbor since its official opening in 1995. The idea for the museum is unique in that the art displayed there is not from established artists. In fact, the art is often raw, emotional, and unstructured.  And that's the idea. Uninhibited in their creations, the artists are not from the mainstream.  You will not see Impressionism here, nor will you see Baroque.  You'll see some pretty amazing stuff, but it's unlikely to be categorized easily.  If you like the unusual - and if you're looking into anything here at the American Treasure Tour then you most certainly do - then you need to check out the AVAM, too.