Wedding Gowns

Queen Victoria in her gown

Queen Victoria in her gown

QUESTION:  In many eastern cultures, what is the traditional color of wedding gowns?
A). Green
B). Black
C). Red
D). Blue

The American Treasure Tour is truly a trove of unique and special items that provide our visitors with a look into the past. Cars, music machines, old store animations, and pieces that may be a little less easy to describe. Today, we are going to return to an exploration of one of the more fantastic parts of the collection: Omrod's Giant World of Miniatures. Within this world is a purple house. Victorian in style, there is a clear panel that allows us to witness the lives of its inhabitants. The master bedroom is dominated by a wedding gown prominently displayed. 

Weddings in the American colonial era were much different than they have become. It was highly uncommon for a bride to have a gown specifically made for her special day. Rather, they would expect to wear the dress for years to come. That began to change as styles evolved across the ocean in Great Britain, during the early 19th century. The new United States tended to take their cues from the former mother country and the English Queen, Victoria, had a grand wedding on February 10, 1840. She wore an ornate cream-colored wedding dress, setting a trend for white gowns that continues to this day. Wealthy British brides quickly adopted Victoria's gown style, and then it became vogue throughout the world, with white being regarded as the proper designator for purity and goodness.  When you come to the tour and admire the miniature wedding gown in our purple house, look closely at it. The gown is not being held up by a tiny hanger. It's actually around a peanut.

ANSWER:  C). Red, symbolizing auspiciousness