Monday at the Museum

The American Treasure Tour Museum is located in the town of Oaks, Pennsylvania, right along Pennsylvania Route 422 just west of Valley Forge National Historical Park and a little east of the Boyertown Motor Vehicle Museum.  To be honest, there are many, many fascinating and wonderful places in this section of the world. Southeast Pennsylvania has so many awesome destinations, we encourage you to visit every one of them - understanding that we want you to visit the ATT often in the process. But we would be doing an injustice to some of the others by overlooking them. So, here's a quick list of destinations within a relatively short driving distance from Oaks (understanding that a downside of being located in the Philadelphia area is dealing with the traffic):


The James Buchanan home in Lancaster, PA.  Yes, the only Pennsylvanian to serve as President of the United States also happens to be one of the most heavily criticized, as he was in office just prior to Abraham Lincoln and watched the country fall apart during his term. That said, his home is absolutely gorgeous, and his story quite fascinating.

Pennsbury Manor.jpg

Another site we simply must recommend is on the exact opposite side of Philadelphia - a recreation of Pennsbury Manor. Built in the twentieth century, it honors the life and times of the founder of Pennsylvania - William Penn. The beautiful home reminds us of the vision Penn had for his colony, named after his father. The Quaker leader arrived on the shores of America in 1683, an advocate for peaceful co-existence with the Native tribes and other residents of this largely untamed land, and yet he also owned enslaved Africans. A fascinating founder, Penn's story is truly worth learning.