Film on Friday

White Sister.jpg

Silent films had to innovate.  During the first three decades of movies, the inability to incorporate sound compelled filmmakers to be more innovative – to use sets and scenery, to convey emotion through facial expression and performances. One of the most popular actors of the age was the petite and demur Lillian Gish, whose name on the poster for The White Sister is actually bigger than the movie’s title on most of its advertisements!  

The White Sister is the story of a beautiful young woman, Angela Chiaromonte whose love for Captain Giovanni Severini (played by Ronald Coleman) is reciprocated, but never fulfilled. Chiarmomonte’s father arranged a marriage to another man, a prince, who just so happens to have the heart of Angela’s half-sister, the Marchesa di Mola.  After the prince’s death, and then Angela’s and the Marchesa’s father’s death, Angela is refused her inheritance and, well, we don’t want to tell you the whole story here. We will say that Angela may or may not become a nun and, well, maybe that’s too much. It is still out there – a fortunate survivor from the silent era and available to watch. Here's a snippet: