Film on Friday

Winter Carnival.jpg

Yes, it's film time again here at the American Treasure Tour blog, and we are happy to dedicate today's issue to a delightful Ann Sheridan comedy from 1939 called Winter Carnival. The film tells the story of a press-hungry heiress named Jill Baxter (Ann Sheridan) who was the celebrated Queen of the Carnival during her time as a student at Dartmouth Colelge. Later, she jilted her college boyfriend for a rich and famous playboy who she married - and then divorced. Back at school for a visit, she rediscovers love with her ex-boyfriend while her younger sister aspires to her former title as queen. 

That's the premise of the movie, but what makes it interesting is the backstory. Five different men worked on the screenplay for the film, including a struggling writer named F. Scott Fitzgerald. He was struggling with a dependency on alcohol and, when another one of the writers, Budd Schulberg unknowingly shared champagne with Fitzgerald, things went bad.  Fitzgerald was fired along with Schulberg. (Schulberg had quite a story himself. He fought during World War II and helped to liberate numerous concentration camps, then served at Nuremberg during the trials. Later, he wrote many novels about Hollywood, including one telling the story of a horrible experience he had working on a film set in Dartmouth about a winter carnival, but he didn't identify the name of the film.). The film, for all its behind-the-scenes drama, is a light-hearted story that you may want to check out. But definitely look for our poster for it in the Music Room.