Lions, tigers and bears....

OH MY!!!!

It is never good to judge another person based on your own standards, but if you say "Lions, tigers, and bears" to someone, and they don't respond with a good, solid, "Oh my!" then they may be a little deficient in their popular culture education or they're a grumpy pants. Sorry to have to say it, but there it is.

The American Treasure Tour has all three - lions, tigers, AND bears. We also have elephants, giraffes, and hippos. And a cow in western clothes.  Because, well, you know. Why wouldn't we?

Here are some quick facts about The Wizard of Oz:
The jacket worn by Frank Morgan, playing the role of the actual wizard, was found in a thrift shop. It had the name L. Frank Baum written on a label inside it. Baum wrote the original book.

The majority of the scenes including the Wicked Witch of the West were cut from the film because they were thought to be too scary for most audiences. 

The Munchkins were played by a group of little people managed by Leo Singer. They traveled under the name of "Singer's Midgets" and came from Europe to star in the movie. Many were of Jewish heritage and stayed in the United States after filming ended, to avoid the horrors of the war. Very few of them spoke English, and their songs were dubbed.

The only location footage used in the film (not shot in a studio) are the clouds in the opening scene.

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