Full Throttle Thursday

Cars.  We love cars here at the Treasure Tour.  And we love all sorts of cars - even the occasional foreign car (but don't tell anyone about that!).  One of the more unlikely cars we have displayed in our Toy Box is the Woods Mobilette - a part of the short-lived "cycle car" fad of the early 1900's, the idea behind cycle cars was to make them cheaper than other four-wheel vehicles on the road, but more stable than motorcycles, the cheapest form of motorized vehicle out there at the time.

Woods Mobilette.jpg

Cycle cars tended to not only be cheaper, but also more fuel efficient - something people didn't give all that much thought to in the nineteen-teens.  They were much tinier than other vehicles on the road, too, which turned into something of a disadvantage.  Because the axles were narrower than other cars, they actually didn't fit in the wheel ruts in the dirt roads.  And, if you'll notice in our picture, the two seats don't sit side-by-side.  They're catercorner.  Alas, the cycle car era ended in the late-nineteen-teens, in no small part thanks to the price wars between Ford and General Motors.