Chevrolet - Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yesterday, we talked a little bit about David Buick - a man whose name is unquestionably more famous than he himself ever was.  Today, we are going to talk about another man whose name went on to levels of greatness he himself never quite achieved.  The story of Louis Chevrolet is not all that different than Buick's was, I'm afraid.  But here it is...

Born in Switzerland, Louis Chevrolet (1878 - 1941) raced and repaired as a young man, first in his homeland, then in France, Quebec, then finally the United States.  And then the car bug bit him and, with his brothers Arthur and Gaston, he started racing.  He raced Buicks for William Durant in the 19-teens, and the two men became well-acquainted.  Then, when Durant was let go from GM, the company he created, they partnered up to make their own cars.  They did well together for a little while, but not long.  Durant wanted to make affordable cars, Chevrolet wanted luxury. So Chevrolet sold his shares and directed his attention to racing.  Alas, none of the Chevrolet brothers saw great financial success in their lives either.  Gaston died in a car accident in 1920, Arthur ended his own life in 1946, and Louis had a number of career misfires before he got a job in the Chevy division of GM, no longer a partner in the company he helped create.
QUESTION:  Which of the following car producers were not brothers?
A)  Stanley
B)  Dodge
C)  Chrysler
D)  Studebaker

WONDERWALL!!!!  Yes, today celebrates the first presentation of the film Wonderwall at the Cannes Film Festival in 1968.  Never heard of it?  The film is probably best known for its soundtrack, which was technically the first solo album created by a member of the legendary British band The Beatles.  George Harrison did it, and used it to introduce the world to Indian-inspired music.  The movie itself got some good reviews, too, despite not getting a good distribution deal.  If you are interested in hippy culture of the sixties, it may very well be worth your time.  Check it out!

MAY THE FORTIES BE WITH YOU.  Nope.  Not a chance.  Today is the 71st birthday of legendary director George Lucas.  Californian by birth, movie man by trade, he can certainly take credit for establishing one of the most memorable science fiction anthologies of all time with his Star Wars films, television shows, music and, arguably most importantly, collectible toys.  He has directed other films, produced other films and contributed to the careers of other aspiring directors.  But he will forever be known for giving the world Star Wars.  And here it is your birthday and we have nothing to give you.  Except ticket receipts come December!

QUOTE:  Whatever has happened in my quest for innovation has been part of my quest for immaculate reality. - George Lucas.

ANSWER:  C)  Chrysler - His first name was Walter, and his story is definitely unlike those of Buick and Chevrolet