Cider Press

QUESTION:  Although fruit presses have been around for a long time, the Turner Fruit Press was patented in 1916 and exhibited at the Panama-California Exposition the next year.  Who was its inventor?
A)  Nat Turner
B)  Ted Turner
C)  Tina Turner
D)  Madeleine Turner

The American Treasure Tour is home to many varied different pieces of Americana.  Alongside the automatic music machines and automobiles, there are also technologies that do not require actual motors. Our old cider press is surrounded by tractors, an ingenious concoction designed to squeeze the juice out of fruit, with the most common fruit being apples. Fruits have lots of stuff in them that you don't want in your beverages:  seeds, skins, stems, pulp, leaves, and other ickiness. Presses were developed to speed up and simplify the process of removing all of this and create a beverage worth drinking.  If orchard farmers of old did not have their own press, or had substantial amounts of fruit they wanted to press, they often had community cider mills, where bulk amounts of fruit would receive similar pressings, just on a much more massive scale.

So, what is the difference between cider and juice?  Excellent question!  In England, its alcohol content - cider is any alcoholic fruit juice.  In the United States, cider is the unfiltered fluid coming out of a press, juice is filtered.  And, in the States, if you want your cider with a kick, you just have to order it "hard."

ANSWER:  D)  Madeleine Turner.  Her innovation was considered a marvel when it came out - a sort of assembly line of fruit pressing.