Clara Kimball Young - Tuesday, August 18, 2015

 Photographs of movie stars cover the walls of the Music Box.  Actors spanning over one hundred years of cinematic history are represented, including familiar faces of today such as Tom Cruise, those of yesteryear including such icons as Katherine Hepburn, and then the stars of yester-yesteryear including Clara Kimball Young.  Young's contribution to film occurred mostly during the silent era and, in her day, she was one of the most popular women to grace the screen.

Born in 1890, Clara Kimball began her theater career at the age of three, and made the transition into film smoothly after she met and married the Broadway actor/film director James Young.  She made a number of (now lost) popular films for Vitagraph in the nineteen-teens before finding a place working for Lewis Selznick.  A highly-publicized affair with Selznick led to her divorce from Young.  Then, more scandal and publicity led to her break-up with Selznick.  By the mid-twenties, her star power had faded, and Young hit the vaudeville circuit, occasionally appearing in small rolls - including in a Three Stooges short - before she completely retired in the 1940s.  She died at the age of 70 in 1960.
QUESTION:  Lewis Selznick had a famous son, who would become more famous than his father as the producer of numerous films in the 1930s, including Gone With the Wind.  What was his first name?
A)  Myron
B)  David
C)  Howard
D)  Lawrence

HALF THE POPULATION.  It's difficult to find an anniversary more significant than today's.  In 1920, on this day, the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified.  Finally, after almost 150 years as a nation, the government officially and legally gave its women the right to vote in elections.  No longer were half (if not more) of the population treated like second-class citizens.  Unfortunately, the first presidential election they played a part in brought Warren Harding to the highest office in the land.  But they had only gotten started....

The Big 79!  Yes, it's Robert Redford's birthday today, his last before he officially becomes an octogenarian.  With such an accomplished career as an actor, director, producer, philanthropist, environmentalist and practically any other -ist you can think of, we won't go into all of that here.  Let's just say it's nice to have you around!

QUOTE:  Health food may be good for the conscience, but Oreo's taste a he** of a lot better. - Robert Redford

ANSWER:  B)  David.  Both Lewis and David seem like they may have had serious control issues.  Myron Selznick also had a career in film, while Howard Selznick avoided the industry altogether.  There was no Lawrence, son of Lewis Selznick.