Clark Gable - March 28, 2014

Do you remember two days ago, when we talked about the mirror picture in the Toy Box dedicated to Humphrey Bogart?  You do?  Well, we have another one for you today!  This one honors another great silver screen actor - Clark Gable - and it is located right next to Bogart's, to your left as you enter the Toy Box.

When Ohio-native Clark Gable was born in 1901 to an oil-well driller and his wife, he was accidentally identified as a 'female' on his birth certificate, a mistake none would make once he grew to maturity.  His youthful passions for hunting, car mechanics and language seem like an odd combination, but they nurtured the masculine image that would help him become established in his acting career, which began modestly in silent films such as 1925's The Merry Widow.  Then, he moved into the role of the gangster in a number of early talkies before his highly-successful pairing with blonde bombshell Jean Harlow.  It Happened One Night (1934) made him a superstar, after which he followed up with such classics as Gone With the Wind (1939),  Mogambo  (1953), and over sixty other films - quite a few of them included in the artwork in the Toy Box.  


Similar to Humphrey Bogard, Clark Gable was married to four women during his lifetime - one of them he actually married twice.  With whom did he have his double wedding?

a)  Josephine Dillon

b)  Maria Franklin Prentiss Lucas Langham

c)  Carole Lombard

d)  Mary Martin

e)  Sylvia Ashley

Answer Below


The year 1776 is considered somewhat important in the establishment of the United States of America for very good reasons.  We celebrate one of those reasons today, because it was on March 28th that Lieutenant-Colonel Juan Batista de Anza, the Mexican-born officer for the New Spain Army, established the Presidio of San Francisco in what is now Central California.  It took him and his small entourage over two years to get there, having started their walk from Tubac, Arizona, on January 8th, 1774.  By taking this trek, de Anza was able to claim the territory for New Spain, which served as a buffer against Russian colonial forces moving south from Alaska. The colonists on the east coast of North America were far from their thoughts, but they were getting busy, too.

The Congressional Gold Medal is one of the most prestigious awards the United States government can give to its civilian citizens.  On this day in 1990, a great American received his award - posthumously - from President George H.W. Bush to honor his accomplishments.  The American Treasure Tour blog has recognized the great Jesse Owens before - the multiple gold medalist at the 1936 Berlin Olympics who impressed Nazi Germany and segregated America with his talents - and we are happy to do so again.


Dianne Wiest turns 65 today.  As a young woman in Kansas CIty, Missouri, Wiest had ambitions to become a ballerina, but decided instead to focus on a career in acting.  Two Academy Awards, two Emmys and a Golden Globe suggest that she made the right call.  She first established herself on the stage before moving to the small - then the big - screen, playing Lori Singer's mom in the original film Footloose in 1984.  Three years later, Woody Allen cast her in Hannah and Her Sisters, for which she won her first Oscar.  Allen did her well again a decade later, when she won her second award for Best Supporting Actress for Bullets Over Broadway.  Happy birthday, Dianne!

And now, the ATT blog is prepared to show you just how topical we can be as we celebrate the birth of a musician whose career can safely be described as controversial!  Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born today in 1986.  It is certainly easier to call her Lady Gaga, and at 27 years old - well, now 28 - it can certainly be said she is a very busy woman.  Listed on her resume are musician, actor, record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer, philanthropist and activist. Having sold over twenty million albums worldwide since her first studio record was released only six years ago, it will be interesting to see where it goes from here for young Lady Gaga!


The only reason they come to see me is because I know that life is great, and they know I know it.  - Clark Gable

Answer:  b)  Maria Franklin Prentiss Lucas Langham, nicknamed "Ria."  They were married in Texas, then again in California immediately thereafter, possibly due to differences in state requirements.  And, for the record, the one person in the choice with whom Gable was never married was d)  Mary Martin.