Collegeville Costume Company

QUESTION:  The Collegeville Costume Company opened their doors in 1927, selling cheap Halloween costumes.  Who was their main competitor for the market prior to the 1990s?
A)  Rubies
B)  Ben Cooper
C)  Frankstein
D)  Jim Pallard

Everyone loves Halloween.  Okay, let us amend that statement.  Children who love candy and dressing up love Halloween. It is a perfect opportunity to do both. The only thing about it is that, if you are not especially creative, it may not be easy to come up with a costume on your own and, if you don't have a lot of money, the options for quality outfits become pretty limited.  That is where the Collegeville Costume Company (CCC) comes into play.  Trick-or-Treating as we know it today started during the 1920's - coincidentally right around the time when the CCC began selling their affordable outfits for little kids to wear as they walked through their neighborhoods and asked friends, family and strangers for candy.

Collegeville, Pennsylvania is is five-and-a-half miles from Oaks, which is of course where the American Treasure Tour is located. So, when the CCC closed their doors in 1996, much of their inventory came to us, and we are happy to display many of their masks on our walls!  Check them out!

ANSWER:  B)  Ben Cooper