QUESTION:  Which of the following actors did not appear in the original Creepshow?
A)  Tom Savini
B)  Leslie Nielsen
C)  Ted Danson
D)  E.G. Marshall

Yesterday's blog was dedicated to a corner of Bob Omrod's homage to 40 Horror Films - a single diorama in the Giant World of Miniatures crammed with different horror film staples.  We've decided not to stray at all from that, and discuss another element of the same corner of the same diorama today.  From Cujo to Creepshow we move from an adaptation of a Stephen King novel to an original Stephen King screenplay - the very first screenplay King ever wrote. Cujo was published in 1981, and Creepshow was produced in 1982.  Creepshow proved to be a more innovative and critically praised film.  It is an anthology film with five separate, unrelated stories bookended by an introduction and an epilogue - darkly comic tales of horror and violence.  That said, the film is more fun than scary, and has developed a strong cult following in the thirty-plus years since its original theatrical release.  It did almost triple its budget, which means it inspired a couple sequels as well.

The screenwriter of Creepshow was, as mentioned, Stephen King.  The director was George A. Romero, a famous director of zombie movies beginning with the fan favorite Night of the Living Dead from 1968.  A Pittsburgh native, Romero has never strayed far from his home base when filming, and used a nearby all-girls school for the majority of the scenes in Creepshow. One super-fun tidbit relates to the hissing cockroaches used to great effect in the "They're Creeping Up On You" story.  Hissing cockroaches are indigenous to Guatemala, and the proper permits were not given to Romero to import them on anything more than a temporary basis, so he had to account for each and every cockroach to ensure its safe return to its home country. See the movie, and you will understand just how monumental a task that must have been!

ANSWER:  A)  Tom Savini.  He appeared in the sequel, imaginatively named Creepshow 2; however, he did create the comic book affects of the original.