Cricket in da House!

Cricket in House.jpg

The American Treasure Tour blog has developed a sort of format over the decades we've been around. (Little known and unverifiable fact: the blog was first introduced on "Ye Olde Internette," back in 1866.  If you find a computer with internet from back then, you'll know just how accurate this statement is!) With Museum Monday, Tunes on Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Full-Throttle Thursday and Film on Friday, we got the work week set.  Until now.  Spontaneous as ever during our 152nd year around (same staff, too, by the way), we're changing all of that.  But only when we feel like it.

Our mission remains the same: to always highlight pieces in our collection or relevant trivia and nuances to the Treasure Tour.  We promise to continue to do that.  For now, we hope you enjoy this image of a cricket at the dinner table.  Because where else would it be - in the bathtub, maybe?