CSNY - May 13, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, we here at the American Treasure Tour blog are happy to return to our Music Room and explore the many record albums displayed on the walls for your enjoyment (and let's be honest, we love them too).  Today, we delve into a folk music supergroup:  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  They were four musicians already well-established in other bands when they first discussed making music together in the late-60s:  David Crosby played with the Byrds.  Stephen Stills was with Buffalo Springfield, and often played with Neil Young.  Graham Nash had been with The Hollies, part of the British Invasion of the early-60s.  

With four established musicians came four big personalities.  Bickering was a common hurdle the bandmates had to overcome to make music, but when they did make music it was often brilliant and very well received.  In thirty years, they only released eight studio albums.  American Dream was their fifth, and it came out in 1988.  David Crosby had been in trouble for drug abuse, and spent time in jail.  Neil Young promised to record with the group only if Crosby straightened up.  Crosby followed through, and this political satire was the result - an album criticizing contemporary scandals led by Oliver North, presidential candidate Gary Hart, and televangelist Jimmy Swaggart.  The album went platinum, although it was not a massive success for the supergroup.


All four members of CSNY have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Twice. Which of the members of the band did not receive this honor for his participation in the group?

a)  Stephen Stills

b)  Neil Young

c)  David Crosby

d)  Graham Nash

Answer Below


The day was May 13th, the year was 1607, and the place was an anonymous little piece of land in a remote part of the world called Virginia.  On this day, a group of ambitious English settlers set foot for the first time in a place they would declare to be their new home near a river they named after their king, the James River.  In fact, they named their colony Jamestown after the king, too. This would prove the first permanent English settlement in the New World.  It would not prove an easy place to live, and many of the original settlers would not make it very long, but it would prove a success.  But we don't want to give any spoilers as to how things turned out for those English settlers.

The ATT blog recently recognized the anniversary of the L.A. Riots triggered by the acquittal of policemen caught on tape beating up Rodney King (please refer to blog date April 29th).  Well, today, we recognize another day when, in the course of obtaining justice, public officials may have acted a little bit roughly to their own constituents.  It was this day in 1985 when Philadelphia Mayor Wilson Goode authorized his police to use force in the effort to arrest members of an activist group called MOVE.  Things got out of hand.  When the members of MOVE refused to be held accountable for multiple alleged crimes, the police threw tear gas into their building in West Philly.  The response came with bullets, and the police fired semi-automatic weapons at them, then used a helicopter to drop incendiary bombs on their headquarters.  Fires broke out, and around sixty buildings were destroyed in the region.  Eleven members of MOVE died that day, including their leader who went by the name of John Africa, as well as five children.  Not a proud day in the city.


Turning fifty years old today is the actor/comedian/talk show host Stephen Colbert.  Born in Washington, DC, Colbert, his parents and ten brothers and sisters moved to South Carolina where he learned early on about negative stereotypes associated with the southern accent.  He suppressed his own by watching northern newscasters.  A somewhat withdrawn youth, he discovered acting while at school, and managed to get a job at the souvenir stand at the Second City Improv Club in Chicago, where free classes were a perk of the job.  He eventually became an understudy for Steve Carell, and made headway into an acting career that led him first to the cult comedy show Strangers With Candy, then The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and currently his own news-based comedy show, The Colbert Report.  Last month, it was announced that Colbert will take over the helm of The Late Show next year, upon the retirement of David Letterman.  Like his comedy or not, it will be very difficult to avoid Stephen Colbert in the years to come!

QUOTE:  I can't prove it, but I can say it.  - Stephen Colbert

Answer:  b)  Neil Young.  The Canadian artist was inducted as a solo artist and as a member of Buffalo Springfield.