Orville Wright

QUESTION:  Orville and Wilbur Wright were two of seven siblings.  Twins Otis and Ida died in their infancy.  Which of the following three was NOT a Wright?
A)  Reuchlin
B)  Robin
C)  Lorin
D)  Katherine

The American Treasure Tour has many wonderful pieces on display throughout the collection, and we do what we can to share stories about as many of them as possible, both for those people we have the pleasure of hosting at our facility in Oaks and for our fans on the blog. Today, we begin a discussion of a photograph we discovered while researching the inventor behind our Custer Chair.  The picture captures a moment in time: September 5, 1924.  There are four men posing - two pilots and two innovators. In their day, they were all celebrated to varying degrees, but none so much as the man second from the left. Today, he is the only one remembered in our history books.  His name was Orville Wright.

The story of how Orville Wright and his brother Wilbur conquered the air has been told and retold so many times, that dedicating great amounts of time describing their great feats would be a redundancy here. Few people who know of the brothers realize that Orville outlived his brother by a full thirty-six years.  The great success of the Wrights in their airplane empire was regularly tarnished by competitors who tried to steal their patents, so Orville and Wilbur were compelled to stop their experiments and dedicate their time to dealing with lawsuits and maintaining their business affairs. It took a toll on both brothers, but for Wilbur it proved deeply taxing. In May of 1912, after spending long stretches of time traveling overseas to deal with their company interests, he returned home complaining of ill health. It's thought that bad shellfish may have contributed to his ultimately fatal illness.  He was only 45 when he died, and his brother was compelled to take over sole control of the Wright Company. Lacking Wilbur's business acumen or his patience, Orville sold the company after five years and essentially retired from the aviation business, becoming instead its elder statesman and appearing at events such as Macready's record-setting flight at which the top picture was taken.  Shortly before he died in 1948, he claimed that he had no regrets over his contribution to developing air travel, but he did feel great sorrow in the wake of World War II and the massive amount of destruction brought about by men flying in heavier-than-air machines.

ANSWER:  B)  Robin.  Okay, there have certainly been Robin Wrights, including the star of Princess Bride. But she wasn't a sister of the famed Wright Brothers of airplane fame, so there's that.