Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

QUESTION:  In what year did the National Football League begin using its current name?
A)  1912
B)  1922
C)  1932
D)  1952

The American Treasure Tour is located in the Philadelphia region. Anyone who knows anything about Philly's sports teams knows that Eagles football fans can be pretty passionate. Their team was established in 1933, a full twenty-seven years before the Dallas Cowboys, considered their greatest rivals. 1960 was an important year for the Texas team, as it was for the high school boys and girls of the CowBelles & Beaux, who supported the Cowboys from the sidelines with cheers and acrobatic performances.  Flash forward seven years.  A woman going by the name of Bubbles Cash walked onto the field during the 1967 Cotton Bowl, played between Dallas and the Atlanta Falcons. She was a professional dancer of a sort often experienced in the absence of women or children, and she was not technically wearing a top. Instead, she concealed herself with cotton candy. Her presence made a huge stir such that the team's General Manager, Tex Schramm, decided to make some changes with the cheer team. He removed the male cheerleaders, and replaced the high school-aged girls with women wearing more-revealing outfits. By 1969, the 'modern' Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (DCC) squad was born, and to use an overused cliché, the rest is history.  The DCC has been in all sorts of television - made-for-tv movies, reality programs and, most significantly, episodes of the iconic 1980's show The Love Boat

Many consider them the most prestigious cheerleader squad in the country. Others don't think about it and just enjoy their performances. The American Treasure Tour has a photograph of some of the beautiful women of the DCC displayed in our Toy Box. Check it out!

ANSWER:  B)  1922