DC Ramey - 10-10

Hello again, and welcome to the October 10th issue of the American Treasure Tour blog.  We are very happy to discuss with you one of the mechanical music manufacturers that are not only still in business, but that are still producing high-quality nickelodeons.  Dave Ramey founded the company in 1955 specifically to restore machines.  It would not be until a number of years later that the DC Ramey Piano Company would begin constructing new machines, including Automatic Banjos and the Banjo Orchestra. 

DC Ramey.JPG

The DC Ramey nickelodeon on display at the American Treasure Tour sounds absolutely wonderful, and is an extraordinary addition to the collection.


What is the name by which nickelodeons originally went by?  (HINT: Not a manufacturer's name) 

A)  Player Piano

B)   Music - O - Rama

C)  Orchestrion

D)  Nickelodeon

E)  Wonderlight

Answer Below. 

 Today in History: 

This day in 1871 proved the most devastating day in Chicago history (arguably excepting each time the White Sox lose).  The Chicago Fire swept through the city for three days, ending its reign of terror on October 10th.  A dry, hot day, blame was put upon Mrs. O'Leary's cow for knocking over a lit lantern in a barn.  Regardless of the


accuracy of that claim, approximately one-third of the city was in ruins.  American ingenuity and perseverance compelled a rebirth of the city after that, with more structures made out of stone and brick, and within twenty-two years, the new city became the site for one of the nation's most important world's fairs - the Colombian Exhibition.

In 1957, the finance minister of Ghana, visiting the United States, Komla Agbeli Gbdemak, was refused service at a restaurant in Dover, Delaware due to his color.  President Eisenhower apologized for the humiliation he suffered due to American segregation.


Ed Wood.jpg

Born in 1924, Ed Wood, Jr. would have been 89 today if he had survived the 1970s.  Mr. Wood was a prolific, if not entirely competent, film producer, director, writer, and actor.  

His most famous film is Plan 9 From Outer Space ; however, the image to the right is likely from Glen or Glenda , which told the plight of a transvestite, in which he revealed his own inclination to wear angora sweaters.  


This story's gonna grab people. It's about this guy, he's crazy about this girl, but he likes to wear dresses.  Should he tell her?  Should he not tell her?  He's torn, Georgie.  This is drama! 


Answer:  C)