De Soto - Friday, February 13, 2014

In our third segment on automobile advertisements, the American Treasure Tour is proud to present our De Soto ad!  The Chrysler Corporation introduced their DeSoto line of cars in 1928, the same year that company founder Walter Chrysler bought out the Dodge Brothers.  Named after Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto, this mid-priced car did well during its long run, and stands out as the first American vehicle to offer 'pop-up headlights,' introduced in the 1842 model, just in time for production of civilian vehicles to be frozen to accommodate military needs for World War II.


Chrysler announced in 196o that they were going to retire the DeSoto name, effectively making the DeSotos on dealer lots obsolete.  Price reductions proved helpful to clear them for new Chrysler Windsors and other similarly-priced automobiles, but the day of the DeSoto was passed. This sleek vehicle passed into the realm of the collectible.

QUESTION:  What popular 1950's television show sponsored DeSoto, with its host Groucho Marx encouraging the viewing audience to "Tell 'em Groucho sent you."
A)  Meet the Press
B)  Howdy Doody
C)  You Bet Your Life
D)  I've Got A Secret

THIS IS A HOLD UP!  It was a sad day in Liberty, Missouri way back in 1866, when former Confederate soldier Jesse James and his gang of outlaws took $15,000 in what would be the first of many bank robberies.  For ten years, the James Gang would terrorize the American mid-west in their illegal activities.  Yet his crimes and murders were often celebrated by former Confederates still bitter at the northern victory in the Civil War.  His nefarious career came to an end, though, in the centennial year when one of his own gang members, Robert Ford, shot him in his own home in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Still, a life of crime has to start sometime and, for Jesse, it was today.  The day before Valentine's Day.  So sad.

FLYING HIGH. Happy birthday, General Yeager!  Turning 92 today, this extremely accomplished flyer has quite a resume.  From his service as an aircraft mechanic during World War II to his post-war days as a test pilot, Yeager was the first man to break the sound barrier.  His record-setting flight happened in 1947, and it led the way to major innovations in airplane technology.  Many returns of the day!

QUOTE:  Rules are made for people who are unwilling to make their own. - Chuck Yeager

ANSWER"  C)  You Bet Your Life