DeKuyper - Thursday, May 28, 2015

Today's neon sign advertises something you will find LOTS of neon signs advertising, specifically alcoholic beverages.  In no way does the American Treasure Tour or its blog endorse the consumption of alcohol, but we do fully endorse neon signs.  And you simply cannot talk about these signs without acknowledging the importance they can have in drawing attention to the companies behind booze.  So let's talk a bit about today's sign.

DeKuyper was established in 1695 not as a producer of spirits, but as a manufacturer of barrels. It didn't take DeKuyper long before they moved into making gin.  They did well with it in Europe, and expanded into liqueur in the twentieth century.  They were not introduced into the American market until 1934 - which coincided perfectly with the end of Prohibition!  In 1966, Jim Beam Brands gained the right to distribute DeKuyper stateside, where they concentrated on such liqueurs as Triple Sec and Schnapps, notably under the Pucker label.  Pucker remains a popular brand for DeKuyper to this day.
QUESTION:  Which of the following is not a flavor of Pucker available for purchase by adults aged 21 or older (with proper I.D.)?
A)  Sour Apple
B)  Island Punch
C)  Lychee
D)  Cherry

CHRYSLER!  We have a little automotive history to celebrate today.  General Motors and Ford were the "Big Two" during the early 1920's.  On this day in 1928, a third was added:  Chrysler. What happened today that changed everything?  The "merger" of Chrysler and the Dodge Brothers Company.  Horace and John Dodge both died in 1920, but the company they created chugged on for eight years and teetered on the edge of bankruptcy by 1928.  Walter Chrysler's acquisition not only saved Dodge stockholders from financial devastation, but created the third of the new "Big Three."

THE EMPRESS OF SOUL.  Today we celebrate the 71st birthday of Gladys Knight who, with her back-up band the Pips (comprised of her brother and two cousins), proved a huge influence on the musical scene during the 1960s and '70s with such classics as "Midnight Train to Georgia," "You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me," and "Love Overboard."  She is also an actress, humanitarian and author.  Thank you, Gladys, for all you've done!

QUOTE:  Well, I never danced with the 'Pips.' - They never let me!  - Gladys Knight

ANSWER:  C)  Lychee (as far as we know).  Get on that, DeKuyper!