Tunes on Tuesday

GOldfinger Soundtrack.jpg

It all began in 1962, with the first James Bond movie, called Dr. No.  That film, which sparked an ongoing love of the spy movie genre, was accompanied by a soundtrack composed by Monty Norman.  The creation of the now-famous theme song that has followed the franchise for well over fifty years has been the object of contention between Norman and a man named John Barry.  Both felt they deserved credit for it, then took that conviction to court.  Norman received royalties for the song all his life, while Barry continued to argue it was his.  Nevertheless, Norman was dropped after the first film, and Barry was involved in eleven sequels, including what many regard to be the best of the films, Goldfinger, even writing the immortal song performed famously by Shirley Bassey.

Notably, the Bassey recording was produced by none other than George Martin, known in the music world as the man who produced many of the Beatles' albums during the 1960's. The album was released in two versions - the American release tended to have shorter versions of the songs than the British version.  In fact, it was eight minutes shorter, lasting only half-an-hour.  Regardless, it became the first Bond soundtrack to reach number one on the Billboard charts.