Doc Hollywood - Friday, May 8, 2015

Fish out of water stories are as popular on television as they are in the movies.  It's easy to find examples, notably Green Acres (1965 - 1971) about cosmopolitans living in a rural setting, and The Beverly Hillbillies (1962 - 1971) about a rural family living in a cosmopolitan area.  Wackiness ensues regardless of the situation.  It is so popular, that it will always be there.  The Cowboy Way, which we discussed the other day, has hicks go to the big city.  

The film Doc Hollywood (1991) tells the story of an ambitious surgeon on his way to a high-paying job in Los Angeles when he finds himself waylaid in a small town in need of a doctor.  The town is filled with colorful - but lovable! - characters who try to recruit Michael J. Fox's Dr. Benjamin Stone to stay on.
QUESTION:  Does Dr. Stone stay on in the small town?  (Warning: Spoiler Alert)
A)  No.  He moves to L.A. and becomes rich and famous
B)  For a time.  But then he goes to L.A.  He's lost his job there, so he becomes a lion tamer.
C)  The question remains unanswered.  Just before he makes his decision, the credits roll
D)  Yes.  He finds peace and comfort among the people in the town.

PALO ALTO.  If you're one of those Americans who aspires to visit every national park in our great country, today would be the best day possible to visit the Palo Alto Battlefield, located in Southeastern Texas.  Why?  Because it is the anniversary of the great and terrible day in 1846 when Zachary Taylor's forces won the first (of many) decisive victory against the forces of Mariano Arista in the Mexican-American War.  After two years of bloodshed, the American victory would compel Mexico to concede lands that would become our states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of Utah.

GO 33!  No, we're not rooting for a baseball player or a race car.  We're celebrating the 33rd President of the United States today, none other than Mr. Harry S Truman of Independence, Missouri!  Born in 1884, there was no indication that this hard working former farmboy would ever grow up to be president.  In fact, even after he was elected into the House of Representatives, no one ever would have thought it possible.  But his reputation for honesty helped him get the nomination for Vice-President for Franklin Roosevelt's fourth term in office. Roosevelt knew he wasn't well, but his death one month after the inauguration was a surprise to everyone, most notably Mr. Truman.  Happy Birthday, Harry!

QUOTE:  The atom bomb was no 'great decision.'  It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness. - Harry Truman

ANSWER:  D)  Not much mystery here, was there?