Dorothy Phillips

QUESTION:  What was the last film Dorothy Phillips performed in (uncredited)?
A)  The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance
B)  The Searchers
C)  The Greatest Show on Earth
D)  Dr. Strangelove, or How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Bomb

We talked yesterday of the classic silent film The Heart of Humanity, starring Dorothy Phillips as Nanette, the beautiful and pure nurse terrorized by an evil "Hun," a name used at the time to reference the German enemy. Well, today, we talk about one of the most popular American actresses of the late-nineteen-teens.

Born Dorothy Gwendolyn Strible in 1889 Baltimore, she began her acting career in 1911 performing in short films. The next year, she married famed (at the time, anyway) actor, director Allen Holubar, which proved to be a match made in heaven. The couple not only enjoyed marital security, but they also collaborated well professionally. Dorothy (working under the name of Phillips) did well in her silent films, starring in no less then nine films in 1917 alone. Holubar directed her in two of her films in 1918, including The Heart of Humanity.  1923 proved a difficult year, when her husband died at thirty-five from pneumonia.  Phillips' career was another loss. We can't say if it was because of her voice, but Dorothy's celebrity did not survive the change to talkies. She continued playing bit characters in movies into the 1960's, never remarrying, and also dying of pneumonia when she was ninety years old. 

ANSWER:  A)  The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance. And yes we know this was an impossible question for any but the most devoted Dorothy Phillips lovers to answer. But sometimes that's just how we roll.