Dr. Who - Monday, January 18, 2016

Omrod's Giant World of Miniatures was brought to the American Treasure Tour in August of 2015. Bob Omrod, a retired middle school art teacher and a creator of artistic and pop culture dioramas, filled his own home with wonderful displays of imagination that incorporate found objects (the occasional cardboard tube, shaving cream lid, or mixing bowl), action figures, foamcore, and pretty much anything else that inspired him.  When the bulk of his creations were removed from his home and brought to the ATT, he said it was the first time he saw his dining room table in over twenty years.  Now it is on permanent display in the Music Room, providing a wonderful channel into Mr. Omrod's imagination and revealing a world unlike any other you will find on display in a museum.  We feel pretty confident about that statement.

It also keeps popping up on the blog, inspiring our stories about air travel, movies, cowboys, and television.  Today's story is about one of the most beloved television shows ever aired in England - Dr. Who.  Believe it or not, the first episode of Dr. Who aired over four hundred years ago.  Okay, don't believe that.  But it did air in 1963, over fifty years ago, which is still pretty remarkable.  It is the story of a renegade Time Lord, who travels across space and time in a blue police box called a TARDIS, saving lives and preventing the abuse of time travel by less than honest rivals.  When the Time Lord's body is mortally wounded, he simply takes on another one, which is how twelve different men (so far) have been able to star as the Doctor (James Bond has nothing on the Doctor, since only six men officially* starred as 007).

The imaginative and fun adventures of the Doctor and his human companions have nurtured a great many fans in England and across the world, including Mr. Omrod, who created the (above pictured) diorama to honor this science fiction favorite.
QUESTION:  Who was the fifth Doctor?
A)  Tom Baker
B)  Peter Davidson
C)  David Tennant
D)  Peter Capaldi

SHIP HO!  Speaking of travel, today was a big one in 1911 San Francisco.  A man named Eugene Burton Ely showed it was possible for a man to land an airplane on a ship - something that would become hugely important over the next few decades.  The year before, he took off in a Curtiss airplane off the USS Birmingham.  Now, he took off from the USS Pennsylvania.  Innovative and remarkably brave (or reckless?), and his accomplishments definitely shaped the future of warfare.

DANCES WITH KEVIN.  It is a big day in Costner-land.  The Academy Award winning actor/director/producer/musician is turning 61 today.  His resume is long and impressive, including such modern classics as Dances With Wolves, Bull Durham, and Silverado.  Of course, he also is associated with less-classics including Waterworld, The Postman and a few other films for which he deserves credit for taking risks, even if they did not strike a positive chord with the public or the critics.  But about the musician thing - who knew?

QUOTE:  You're this rat in the American maze, working your way to the cheese, which is a job. - Kevin Costner

ANSWER:  B)  Peter Davidson.  We know.  Easy one.  We'll try harder tomorrow.

*Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.  Unofficially, there were also Barry Nelson, David Niven, and two other guys who - oh, forget it.