Dvorak - February 18,2015

We here at the American Treasure Tour hope you aren't still reeling from yesterday's craziness, when we started looking at the records in the Toy Box (as opposed to the records in the Music Room, that is).  And what a doozy to start with!  There was so much information on Porgy and Bess AND Percy Faith, they took up the whole blog!!! Well, today is going to prove just as insane, since we aren't going to talk about rock music, country music, OR soundtracks.  Yes, today we are delving into something pretty new for us:  classical music.  That's because we have an album of Dvorak's Symphony Number 5, prominently displayed in the Toy Box that is screaming for recognition.

Antonin Dvorak (pronounced div-or-ack) was a Czech composer who lived in the second half of the 19th century.  A child prodigy, he began writing music at the age of six, and never really stopped.  He covered most of the popular genres of the day - operas, chamber music, organ recitals, string quartets - only becoming internationally recognized with his symphonies, specifically his New World Symphonies, including Number 5.  Dvorak wrote Number 5 in 1875 for an orchestra of two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets, and some other instruments that will not be on the quiz later.  (The attached youTube recording is NOT of the album we have on the tour, but it is the song.  Enjoy!)

QUESTION:  The name Dvorak is more common than many people may be aware.  What is the first name of the famous Dvorak who starred in the film "Scarface" (the 1932 version with Paul Muni, not to be confused with the quite different 1983 Al Pacino movie)?
A)  Billy
B)  James
C)  Ann
D)  Leonard

ENTERPRISING TRAVEL:  The year was 1977, and the event was more symbolic than anything, but on this day, the first space shuttle ever built, Enterprise, took flight.  It was officially revealed only one day before, but placed on the back of a Boeing 747 and flown around to test how it handled.  It did just fine, and began a space program that lasted until the retirement of all the shuttles in 2013.  You can visit the Enterprise in New York City, at the Intrepid Museum.

BALANCE THE PALANCE.  Today is the birthday of a man who definitely experienced the ups and downs of life before achieving celebrity.  Born in 1919, Volodymyr Palahniuk's childhood was spent working in coal mines with his Ukrainian-born parents.  Tiring of the hard-knock life, he moved into professional boxing - and did quite well prior to joining the army during World War II.  With peace came film, and Volodymyr's film career began with the 1950 film Panic in the Streets as Jack Palance.  He remained active until close to the time of his death in 2006, during which time he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for 1991's City Slickers.  Happy birthday, Jack!

QUOTE:  The only two things you can truly count on are gravity and greed. - Jack Palance

ANSWER:  C) Ann.  Ann Dvorak (pronounced vor'shack) starred as Muni's sister Cesca.