Eisenhower Home

QUESTION:  Where was Dwight Eisenhower born?
A)  Abilene, Kansas
B)  Denison, Texas
C)  Jacksonville, Florida
D)  Birmingham, Alabama

The first time a visitor comes to the American Treasure Tour, they may not even notice just how much space is dedicated to various Presidents of the United States.  Regardless of party affiliation, accomplishments or tenure in office, we celebrate the leaders of our country, and proudly display posters and other memorabilia dedicated to the POTUS.  Today, we return to a favorite subject we have not spent much time on of late: the Giant World of Miniatures located in our Music Room - the imaginings and inventions of Bob Omrod.  The Omrod Collection has so many different elements to it - all confined to one comparatively small space in the Tour - that it is difficult to see everything in it.  There are presidential pieces in there, though, including the retirement home of Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower that they had built for them just outside of Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was a military man.  In fact, during his long career in the army, he moved around so much, going wherever he needed to go, that he never had the opportunity to own a residence.  Often with Mamie close behind, he went into one form of government housing or another.  He was a West Point graduate, and has the distinction of being the only man to hold the highest office in the land who also served in the military during both World War I and World War II.  A veteran of both wars, he never actually fought on the battlefield, but his skills as an administrator were second to none, which is why he wound up commanding the joint forces of the United Nations (as the allied powers were known at the time) for Operation Overlord, now known as D-Day and the Battle for Normandy.  It was virtually inevitable that he would be elected president, as he was in 1952.  Eisenhower retired to the farmlands surrounding the site of the Civil War's deadliest battle in Gettysburg upon his retirement.  The house he had built was modest compared to the residences of many other former presidents, and also the first home he and Mamie ever actually owned together.  Represented in the Omrod collection is a model of the home, fittingly located next to a miniature of the White House.

ANSWER:  B)  Denison, Texas.  But he spent his formative years in Abilene, Kansas