Elliott Dexter

QUESTION:  Who was Elliott Dexter's famous wife?
A)  Mary Pickford
B)  Alma Rubens
C)  Lillian Gish
D)  Marie Doro

The American Treasure Tour blog strives occasionally to conjure the memories of celebrities of old, famous actors of the silent film era whose names have not been on the marquis for upwards of ninety years, but who are presented on the walls of our Music Room.  Elliott Dexter is one such personality.

Born in 1870 in the bustling seaport of Galveston, Texas, Elliott Dexter was an entertainer in the years before film became popular.  The tall Texan made a name for himself on vaudeville, where actors were known to ham it up.  Dexter made his first film appearance in 1915, at the comparatively late age of 45.  The majority of silver screen actors came from vaudeville in those days, so early films often found the performances over the top and melodramatic. Dexter stood out as a refined and understated actor.  He became a favorite of famous director Cecil B. DeMille, and he was looking forward to a great career when, the story goes, the stress got to him. He had a nervous breakdown, possibly complicated by a stroke, in 1919. He did not give up, though, and returned to the screen upon his recovery.  His problems persisted, though, leading to his eventual retirement, when he moved into a home for ageing actors.  He passed away in 1943.

Dexter's movie career lasted only nine years total with twenty-five films on his resume, including A Romance in the Redwoods (1917), Something To Think About in 1920, and the 1923 version of Adam's Rib.

ANSWER:  D)  Marie Doro.  She may not be famous today, but she definitely made her own mark in the films of the silent era.