Erektor Set - Friday, August 7, 2015

Today we have a very important subject for the American Treasure Tour blog.  The Erector Set. We have to hope you know what this is, because every child - boy and girl - should be able to say they have played with one of these wonderful "toys."  When Erector was first introduced by Alfred Carlton GIlbert of the Mysto Manufacturing Company from New Haven, Connecticut in 1913 (changed to A.C. Gilbert three years later), it took very little time before they turned into the most popular construction toy in America.  Inspired by the massive construction projects that crisscrossed the nation, Gilbert wanted to give kids the chance to create their own engineering structures using miniature steel girders and other pieces that they could easily disassemble and rebuild.

Erector is thought to have produced the first national advertising campaign for a toy ever, and over a million sets were sold, using the slogan "Hello Boys" to appeal to a predominantly male demographic (which doesn't mean girls couldn't enjoy it, too!).  The 1961 death of creator A.C. Gilbert proved that some companies cannot survive without their guiding light.  His company declared bankruptcy in 1967, in part because of the ready availability of plastic and in part because of mismanagement.  The name Erector is still used today; however, it is owned by the French company Meccano.
QUESTION:  In 1998, Erector was inducted into the "Toy Hall of Fame."  Where is that located?
A)  The National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum, Akron, OH
B)  The Strong Museum, Rochester, NY
C)  The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
D)  Classic Toy Museum, Burlingame, CA

NICE MEMORIAL.  On this day in 1959, the Lincoln Memorial - that great monument dedicated to one of the greatest American Presidents - replaced the wheat design on the United States penny.  It stayed there until 2008, when the penny and the other denominations of money including coins and bills began changing dramatically.

FREEBIRD!  I MEAN, FREBERG!  Today we celebrate the birth of a man who, sadly, we just lost. In 1926, future satirist, comic, actor, pundit, animated voice talent, radio announcer, puppeteer, advertising executive director, and man about town Stan Freberg was born.  His humor occasionally got him in trouble, but he never stopped trying.  For those Star Wars fans out there, Freberg auditioned to record the voice for C-3PO, but ultimately recommended to George Lucas that he use the voice of actor/mime Anthony Daniels, who wore the outfit, which is what he did.  Freberg passed away this past April.  He was 88.

QUOTE:  The story of Little Blue Riding Hood is true.  Only the color has been changed to avoid an investigation. - Stan Freberg

ANSWER:  B)  The Strong Museum, Rochester, NY - also known as the Museum of Play