Erich von Stroheim

QUESTION:  How long was the original cut of Stroheim's film Greed?
A)  1.5 hours
B)  2.5 hours
C)  3.5 hours
D)  10 hours

Erich von Stroheim.  Too few people know the name today, but Stroheim was one of cinema's early visionaries. Born in 1885 in Vienna, Austria, Stroheim emigrated to the United States when he was nineteen, recording his name as Count Erich Oswald Hans Carl Maria von Stroheim und Nordenwall when he registered in Ellis Island. (Some contemporaries challenged his claim to nobility, though, arguing that his accent was far too coarse to justify the claim). In fact, when he would be cast in films as a German, as in The Heart of Humanity, it is said he actually had to learn the German because he didn't know it. 

Beginning his career as an actor, 1919's Blind Husbands served not only as his screenwriting and directorial debut. His acclaim was unparalleled at the time, but so was his reputation as demanding and uncompromising. Studios removed him from projects and he became increasingly frustrated in Hollywood.  He directed his last film in 1933, while his on-screen career continued until 1955, with his first and only Academy Award nomination coming with 1950's Sunset Boulevard for Best Supporting Actor.

ANSWER:  D) 10 hours. It was ultimately cut down to 2.5 hours, much to the dismay of its director, who disowned the final product.