QUESTION: The movie Exodus and the book that inspired it relate the story of Jews settling Israel in the 1940's. From what country did a group of disenfranchised Jews depart in an earlier telling of the Exodus story?
A)  Egypt
B)  Israel
C)  Poland
D)  Canada

Covering the walls and the rafters of the Music Room at the American Treasure Tour are countless vinyl record albums (and, by countless, we mean to say we have not actually counted them). One of those records is the soundtrack from the film Exodus. The film was released in the year 1960 to acclaim, and the soundtrack won an Oscar for its composer Ernest Gold in the Best Original Score category. The film was inspired by the novel of the same name written by Leon Uris and published in 1958 that tells the story of the founding of the independent country of Israel after World War II. 

Leon Uris had been a war correspondent covering Israeli-Arab fighting in the Middle East during the mid-fifties, and wrote about what he knew. Telling the story of this volatile time, he unquestionably showed sympathy for the Israelis, while depicting Arabs as ruthless and unpleasant antagonists - something that continues to this day in western culture, unfortunately. In highlighting the Jewish freedom fighters, Uris nurtured western sympathy for those trying to settle Israel. Meanwhile, the soundtrack highlighted the action and intensity of the film. It reached the top of the Billboard charts on January 23, 1961 in both its monaural and stereo versions, only to be knocked out by a winning Lawrence Welk album called Calcutta! later in the year.

ANSWER:  A)  Egypt