Faventia - Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Welcome to another Tuesday, loyal blog readers!  We have an exciting update here at the American Treasure Tour.  As you know, we never know when new and exciting additions will be joining our family.  Well, yesterday brought us a very exciting piece that we promptly put on display in the Music Room - a complete Faventia Street Piano!

The barrel tucked inside the Faventia

The barrel tucked inside the Faventia

The idea of enjoying music without having to actually learn how to play it has been around for centuries.  The earliest engineering feats associated with that were barrel organs - machines that responded to metal pins and staples attached to wooden barrels.  When the barrels are moved, levers (also called keys) react to the pins and staples, triggering the musical instruments within the organ to play.  Why do we mention this?  Well, barrel technology led most directly to cylinder-playing music boxes, but also to paper rolls and pneumatic machines, and all the other wonderful mechanical music machines located throughout the American Treasure Tour.  

These special machines were produced in Barcelona, Spain during the mid-1900's (circa 1950) by the factory owned by Vincente Llinares, these miniature pianos are both ingenious and adorable.  The one on display here at the Tour operates either with a tiny hand crank on the front of the little piano or with electricity, as did many of the Faventias. The miniature pianos in and of themselves are not difficult to come by, but what makes ours super special is the accessories that come with it.  Not only does it have the tiny wagon to make moving it easier, and not only does it have the lead-footed (quite literally) person, but it also has the donkey to strap to the wagon.  It is a little off-key, but absolutely adorable and pretty darned cool, too, if we are allowed to say that!

NOT THE BEAV!  It's difficult to believe, but Jerry Mathers, famous as "the Beav" from the popular 1950s television show Leave it to Beaver, is turning 68 years old today.  But, when we watch the popular sitcom that ran from 1957 to 1963, he still seems so young.  Just a wee lad! Mathers has continued performing since his adolescence, starring in a number of movies and other tv shows, but for better or worse, he will always be the Beav.

QUOTE:  I don't think a lot of people realize the influence tv has on their kids.  Kids take a lot of their cues from it in their dress and conduct. - Jerry Mathers

ANSWER:  There was no question today.  I hope that didn't make you sad.