The American Treasure Tour is chock full of popular culture!  Covering the expanse of a 100,000 square foot space on the second floor of an old tire factory, the ATT has more movie memorabilia than you could shake a big stick at (we're not sure why you would want to shake a big stick at anything, but who are we to judge).  We also have scores of other cool stuff, but we're talking movies here today.  More specifically, movie celebrities.  Even more specifically, movie celebrities who made their fame initially on television.  Even more, more specifically, we're going to talk about Fess Parker today.

We hate to admit that we do not know the back story of every piece in our collection, but the blog gives us an opportunity to ask you if you know something we don't.  Specifically, the name of the artist who painted our 'bust' of Fess Parker, on display in the Music Room.  Fess (that's his birth name) was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1922.  As an adult, he tried to enlist to serve in World War II, but his 6' 6" height caused problems for him:  too tall to be a Navy pilot, he wound up as a radio operator for the Marines. After the war, Parker started acting.  His big break came after a small part in the giant ant film Them!, when he caught Disney's eye and was cast as Davy Crockett in what is now considered the first television miniseries.  His star rose dramatically, as coonskin hats became a fashion requirement for many Americans.  From there, he starred as Daniel Boone in another popular show, and headlined some movies.  We love ya, Fess!

QUESTION:  How many seasons did Fess Parker's stint on Daniel Boone last?
A)  Three episodes in 1974
B)  Two years, between 1960 and 1962
C)  Six years, between 1964 and 1970
D)  Eighteen Years, between 1962 and 1980



There are very few things upon which all Americans can agree when it comes to our own government.  In fact, politics has never been an easy subject to discuss, and any discussion of it often causes as much backlash as the often ridiculous acts of the men and women who represent us in Washington.  On this day in 1997, the House of Representatives offered their Speaker, Newt Gingrich, an official reprimand after the House Ethics Committee charged him with making decisions that were not in the best interest in his country.  He officially apologized and paid many of the court fees related to the event.  Of course, twenty years earlier, President Jimmy Carter made one of the more controversial decisions of his single term in office when he officially pardoned a group of draft dodgers who left the United States during the Vietnam War - the largest group ever pardoned by a president.


We wish a happy posthumous birthday to Edwin Starr, born on this day in 1942.  Starr's legacy is in music, where he not only created highly danceable songs, but made an unforgettable contribution to the anti-Vietnam cause with his song "War" in 1970.  His outspoken criticism of the war has survived long after the singer himself, who passed away of a heart attack in 2003 at the age of 61.

QUOTE:  You can't trust anybody with power. - Newt Gingrich

Answer:  C)  Six years, between 1964 and 1970