Film on Friday

College Swing.jpg

Movies are a great love of not only most Americans, but the entire staff here at the American Treasure Tour, which is why the blog dedicates just about a full twenty percent of our weekly blogs just to movies!  Of course, we are not stuck talking about "new" movies, or "famous" movies. We're willing to delve into the collection here and call out films that are rarely, if ever, watched today, simply because we have artwork from them on display, or headshots of the actors who starred in them.  

Today, we jump back 79 years to College Swing. Released in 1938, this star-studded comedy shows off the stylings of Gracie Allen, George Burns, Edward Everett Horton, Martha Raye, and none other than Bob Hope himself.  The story isn't quite as important as the antics, but it's all about Gracie, who is set up to inherit a college on condition that she pass her exams.  Easier said than done, especially considering that members of the college staff are sabotaging her efforts to keep her from taking over.  We won't spoil the ending for you, but we can tell you there's comedy, there's music, and that Betty Grable is also in it.  To be honest, that's really all that matters.