Finian's Rainbow

QUESTION:  Where is the Rainbow Valley located?
A)  New York City
B)  Alabama
C)  Missitucky
D)  The Land of Fa-ra-ra-ra-la

Hundreds and hundreds of vinyl record albums cover the walls and hang from girders here in the American Treasure Tour. The blog you are reading aspires to share stories about every single record we have displayed. Today, we will discuss one of them - getting that much closer to fulfilling our ultimate goal of complete coverage.

The soundtrack to the 1968 film Finian's Rainbow includes the songs performed in the film Finian's Rainbow, which was released It tells the story of an Irish scalawag who drags his daughter along to the United States in his effort to turn the pot of gold he acquired from an unforgiving leprechaun into a fortune beyond imagination. Things do not turn out quite as planned, and an undercurrent about race and the evils of racism prove something of a surprise for a fantasy musical.  Even more surprising, though, is that it was directed by a young man of 29 years named Francis Ford Coppola who would distinguish himself in the 1970's for films including The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, and Apocalypse Now.

Finian's Rainbow would also be the last film starring Fred Astaire, who was sixty-nine at the time of filming, and quite unaccustomed to Coppola's style.  It was also the first American film of the popular musician Petula Clark, who had made a hit four years earlier of the song "Downtown."  The soundtrack to the film includes songs such as "How Are Things in Glocca Mora?" "Old Devil Moon," and "If This Isn't Love." Critics divided over the film, some including Roger Ebert loved it, while others loathed it. A true message that you can't make everyone happy all of the time.

ANSWER:  C)  Missitucky, of course.