Flabbergasting Friday

The American Treasure Tour is known for many things - being the home for one of the world's largest collections of mechanical music machines, displaying an amazing collection of preserved automobiles, presenting delightful electric store displays, to name a few - but one thing that rarely comes up is all of the stuffed animals that are throughout the tour.  Our collection is dedicated to the preservation of fun, and many people consider stuffed animals to be delightful companions.  Some audiences may play or sleep with them on a daily basis, while others respect them for their craftsmanship and charm. Regardless of why a person might have them, they are a wonderful way to connect with the past, as well. 

The Treasure Tour has hundreds of stuffed animals scattered throughout our one hundred thousand square foot facility that trigger nostalgic memories for our guests, often regardless of their age.  One character who appears in numerous spots throughout our Toy Box is Tweety Bird - a favorite from the Warner Brothers Studios animated catalog.  Here's hoping everyone reading this knows who Tweety Bird is. If, for some reason, you don't know Tweety - it's time for you to get back in front of the television and start watching cartoons!