Frank Sinatra - January 30, 2014

The American Treasure Tour blog's "Faces of the Tour" series continues today with another musician - there are SO MANY faces to choose between, it is sometimes difficult to  determine who gets the special treatment on any given day.  But today's face is that of a man whose contribution to music cannot really be measured - and his career in film is substantial, too!  If you already noticed the heading for today's blog, you know that I am referring to the chairman of the board:  Frank Sinatra.

Born in 1912, Francis Albert Sinatra started life in Hoboken, New Jersey, the son of immigrant Italians.  A high school dropout, Sinatra's love was for music and not education.  In fact, it's said he never even learned how to read music but just had an uncanny ability to learn by ear.  With the help of his mom, Sinatra began singing with a band as a teenager and figuratively skyrocketed to fame after that.  By the early-40s, he was all the rage.  Designated 4-F during World War II, he entertained troops rather than fight with them, and began a second career starring in movies shortly after peace was declared.  In 1953, he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance in From Here To Eternity while he continued to record music.  A true success story, Sinatra's popularity and respect has remained secure since his passing in 1998.


Which of the following movies did Frank Sinatra NOT star in?

a)  The Manchurian Candidate

b)  The Man With the Golden Arm

c)  High Society

d)  Marty

e)  Pal Joey

Answer Below.


Today marks a little-known and not exactly happy anniversary in American history.  In 1835, the first effort of a man to assassinate a sitting president occurred in the east portico of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.  A house painter, Richard Lawrence, came at President Andrew Jackson with two loaded guns, one in each hand.  Shooting at point blank range, both guns misfired.  The event ended with Jackson beating Lawrence with his cane.  In the subsequent trial, Lawrence was ruled innocent by reason of insanity.  He was locked up in various institutions for the remaining 26 years of his life, while the highly controversial president remained in office to complete two terms.  After the assassination attempt, the pistols were tested by various investigators.  Each time they were tried, regardless of humidity levels, they functioned perfectly.

On a lighter note, this date in 1969 marks the last time the Beatles would ever make a public appearance, performing live.  Of course, it didn't happen in the United States.  It didn't even happen in a concert hall.  Rather, it occurred on the roof of Apple Studios in London, England, where they played an impromptu set for a small gathering.  At least they played until the police broke it up.


Arguably the most important Aquarian of the 20th century celebrates a birthday today.  Born in 1882, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's formative years were spent in the 19th century, traveling between family homes in upstate New York and New Brunswick, Canada.  A child of America's upper crust, Roosevelt's career as a politician began in his home state of New York before he ascended to the national scene.  In 1932, he was elected the 32nd President of the United States.  He guided the country through the worst financial depression it has ever suffered, and the worst war the world has ever fought.  He was elected president four times - and even inspired a Constitutional Amendment that ensured no other person would ever be able to win more than two terms!  Dying at the age of 63, Roosevelt did much to keep this country together during very trying times.  Thank you, FDR!

Gene Hackman, star of dozens of films during a career that lasted over forty years, turns 84 today.  Hackman's acting career has been an exploration into numerous genres.  He won two Academy Awards, the first for the cop drama The French Connection, the second for the western Unforgiven.  He also had starring roles in comedies (The Birdcage, Welcome to Mooseport), thrillers (The Conversation, Enemy of the State), crime dramas (Bonnie & Clyde), and even voiced a character in the animated film Antz.  It would appear that this versatile actor is retired from film, though.  That is, unless someone offers him the role he simply can't refuse....


The best revenge is massive success.  -- Frank Sinatra

Answer:  d)  Marty