Frankie and Johnny

QUESTION:  While the action in the 1966 version of Frankie and Johnny revolves around a steamboat, where does the 1991 version, starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer, happen?
A)  A steamboat
B)  A diner
C)  An office building
D)  An automotive garage

Elvis Presley.  He sang, he danced, and he starred in movies.  Quite a few of them, actually. His critics said his acting skills were limited, his fans didn't care.  The star of thirty-one movies from his debut in Love Me Tender in 1956 through 1969's Change of Habit, his twentieth was the 1966 musical drama Frankie and Johnny (the first of three films he would release that year).  Elvis plays Johnny, a riverboat performer who spends his free time, and his money, gambling. His girlfriend and fellow performer is Frankie (played by The Beverly Hillbillies' own Donna Douglas), a jealous type who doesn't much like it when a down on his luck Johnny meets a fortune teller who informs him that his luck will change when he meets a red-haired woman. Enter Nellie Bly, the girlfriend of their boss.  Jealousy, music, conniving, and guns all come into play before the movie ends. That's all we're going to say here.

The movie was not a huge hit, but Elvis must have been pretty happy regardless.  He received $700,000 for the roll, with an extra 50% of the profits (although it did not earn back its $4.5 million budget during its initial release).  It was directed by Frederick De Cordova, who went on to direct The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson from 1970 through Johnny's retirement in 1992.  The poster for the film is on display in our Toy Box - so check it out along with our other Elvis-related memorabilia.  

ANSWER:  B)  A diner