Friday, January 16, 2015

Loyal fans of the American Treasure Tour blog will recall yesterday, when we discussed the 1942 film Nancy Steele is Missing.  I promised that we would revisit this title today - because the special artifact in our collection that addresses this odd little film shares space with today's topic:  the film Who is Hope Schuyler?  True to our word, here you go!

Like Nancy Steele is Missing, Who is Hope Schuyler? was released in 1942.  Both films were low-budget suspense thrillers that critics at that time felt offered little or no suspense or thrills.  Of course, we must never let critics dissuade us from watching a film if we are interested.  Tom Mason (Joseph Allen, Jr) is the special prosecutor trying to answer the question in the title, as he builds a case against the corrupt District Attorney Anthony Pearce played by Anthony Cortez.  Word on the street is that director Thomas Z. Loring offers too many hints along the way for it to be a mystery on any level, but you will have to see that for yourself.  If you can find your own copy of Who is Hope Schuyler?

QUESTION:  Thomas Z. Loring only directed three movies in his career, all between 1942 and 1943.  He was actually an executive at an oil company unleashing his creative side whose real name was W. Zolley Lerner.  Which was  not one of his films?
A)  Who is Hope Schuyler?  (HINT:  This IS one of his films)
B)  He Hired the Boss
C)  Baked Ziti
D)  Thru Different Eyes

Answer Below

DASHED HOPES.  1942 was a tough year in Hollywood - not so much because movies such as Who is Hope Schuyler? and Nancy Steele is Missing! were released, but because of an accident that happened on this day.  In those days, for TWA Flight 3 to fly from New York, NY to Burbank, CA, it had to stop to refuel many times - five to be exact.  That means there were more chances for things to go wrong.  On the last leg, between Las Vegas and Burbank, things went horribly wrong.  The plane crashed into a sheer cliff on Potosi Mountain, due to a navigation error made by the pilot.  All twenty-two people on board died, including popular actress Carole Lombard, also known as Mrs. Clark Gable.  Gable was crushed and America mourned her loss.

THE ICE MAN SMOOTHETH.  An unsung Italian-American hero born today smoothed the way for people to enjoy cold-weather sports.  Frank Zamboni and his brother opened their ice-production plant in 1927, soon to realize that electric refrigerators would make the ice business obsolete.  So instead they opened the Iceland ice skating rink.  What Frank did next is what made his name famous:  he applied for a patent in 1954 for his ice-smoothing machine made out of, among other things, a Jeep engine.  Before his trademarked Zamboni machine, it would take five men ninety minutes to resurface an ice rink.  Now, one man could do it in fifteen minutes.  Thank you Frank!

QUOTE:  There are three things in life that people like to stare at:  a flowing stream, a crackling, fire, and a Zamboni clearing the ice. - Charlie Brown (Charles Schultz)

ANSWER:  C)  Baked Ziti.  hen prepared correctly, this is a much more delightful dinner entree than name of a movie.