From "The Morning Call" pt. 1 - Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Tuesday, blog lovers!  If you will recall, yesterday we talked about the Allentown-based The Morning Call newspaper.  Page 29 of the April 13, 1945 edition.  It's hanging in the Music Room.  The page is clearly from the entertainment section, and it has many fun and interesting elements to it.  We are going to talk about some of the movies advertised on it all week long.  It may seem too good to be true, but rest assured - it's happening!

Today, we are going to check out an ad located at the top of the page, near the center, for the 'brand new' film Here Come the Co-Eds, released in 1945.  It stars the famous comedy team of Lou Costello, and his straight man Bud Abbott.  The film is about a college threatened with foreclosure that must rely on the women's basketball team to win a game and save the day.  It is, of course, a comedy, with silly antics including a scene where Oliver (C0stello) tries to eat oyster soup and winds up fighting the oyster.  A former high school basketball star, Costello, does all his own stunts during the film.  Worth checking out!
QUESTION:  What famous actor, son of the "man of a thousand faces," stars as Mr. Johnson in the film?
A)  Lon Chaney, Jr.
B)  Michael Douglass
C)  Robert DeNiro
D)  Cary Grant

I WANT MY TV.  Not many people realize that the technology for television was in place during the 1920s.  It did not reach a wide audience, though for a few decades.  The Great Depression slowed things down, before World War II completely stopped it, with interest rekindled only once peace was secured.  But, on this day in 1927, the first long-distance broadcast of the new medium occurred when Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover's image, taken in Washington, D.C., appeared in New York City simultaneously.  I have nothing against the future president, it just would have been nicer if it was, say, Mary Pickford or Clara Bow.

YAY, JACKIE!  Yes, we know.  Jackie Chan is not American.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, he is a Chinese citizen.  But he is one of America's favorite Martial Artists and action/comedy movie stars, so we decided to give him a call out on this, his sixty-first birthday.  He is best known for doing his own stunts during action sequences, although he acknowledges that they are coming fewer and farther between as he gets older.  Clearly, he is a smart man.  Happy birthday, Jackie!

QUOTE:  I'm crazy, but I'm not stupid. - Jackie Chan

ANSWER:  A)  Lon Chaney, Jr.  Lon and Lon, Jr., were in Hollywood during the formative years of the film industry and, between them, starred in dozens and dozens of films.  Junior is likely most famous for his performances as The Wolf Man.