From "The Morning Call" pt. 2 - Wednesday, April 8, 2015

As we continue our series on the advertisements included in page 29 of the April 13th edition of the Allentown, PA - based The Morning Call newspaper, I would like to draw your attention to the top right corner of the page.  You can see the date located above the ad for the Laurel & Hardy film Nothing But Trouble.  April 13, 1945 was one day after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died.  He had just started his unprecedented fourth term as president a month prior, and the country was now in the hands of the untested Harry S Truman.  It must have been a very troubled time, let alone with the war still going on both in Europe (for three more weeks, anyway) and Asia.  But people still needed to laugh, so they went to the movies to escape.

Who better to go laugh with, than Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy?  Released in December 1944, Nothing But Trouble was still in theaters by April, so it was doing something right! Where the Abbott and Costello film Here Come the Co-Eds was about college basketball, Nothing But Trouble starts with an elaborate meal set up for royals (and foiled by Laurel and Hardy).  The young prince is anxious to ditch his crown so he can play football for Notre Dame University.  He gets his chance, while Laurel and Hardy cause trouble along the way, in what is considered a delightful comedy for the whole family!
QUESTION:  Another film named Nothing But Trouble was released in 1991 to less than stellar reviews.  Which of the following actors was not a star of this film?
A)  Dan Aykroyd
B)  Demi Moore
C)  Tom Hanks
D)  John Candy

WONDERFUL EXHIBITS!  There are a handful of museums in the United States known by virtually all our citizens.  The Smithsonian Museums, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and across Central Park from it, the American Museum of Natural History.  Made even more famous a few years back with the first A Night at the Museum film, the doors of this wonderful museum were first opened for visitors on this day in 1869.  It's difficult to imagine a world before this place, and we strongly recommend that anyone in the area visit the American Treasure Tour, then the American Museum of Natural History.  Just make sure to visit us first!

WOMANHOOD.  Celebrating her 47th birthday today, Patricia Arquette is the newest recipient in a long line of distinguished performers to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.  She earned the prize for Richard Linkater's Boyhood, although she's been performing in film since her debut in the third installment of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.  Happy birthday, Patricia, and keep up the good work!

QUOTE:  Barbie's disfigured.  It's fine to play with her, so long as you keep that in mind. - Lena Dunham

ANSWER:  C)  Tom Hanks.  It's easy to forget that this multiple Oscar winner began his career making comedies, but this is one film he did not star in.