From "The Morning Call" pt. 5 - Monday, April 13, 2015

We here at the American Treasure Tour blog hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  We had plans to move on from our series about The Morning Call page from 1945, but feel compelled to continue because there is still too much good stuff on there to talk about.  You may be comforted to know that, in 1945, parents were as concerned about what negative influences their children might be subjected to as they are today.  In the days before television, the cinema was an excellent resource to show kids the damage that could come with consuming drugs.

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that the movie advertised here is the 1938 film Marijuana, as there were a number of different "scare" films released in the '30s and '40s - films designed to show the damage that taking illegal drugs would most certainly have on the lives of even one-time users.  This ad admonishes parents to bring their kids to the movies and set them straight.  Maybe, parents who did not show this film to their kids simply didn't care about them?  Nowadays, these films are wonderful pieces of nostalgia - propaganda from another generation that can be as comical as they are foreboding.  We recommend watching Marijuana - and maybe even showing it to the kids.  Just do not consume this monster that will only lead you to disaster!
QUESTION:  What cartoon character's favorite line is "Won't somebody please think of the children?!"
A)  Fred Flintstone
B)  Elroy Jetson
C)  Helen Lovejoy
D)  Peter Griffin

HONORING TOM.  You may wonder why we are celebrating the birthday of Thomas Jefferson under our "today in history" heading.  Well, because this is also the day, in 1943, when the Jefferson Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C.  It was a tough time for America - we were at war against Germany, Japan and their allies in 1943, and there was really no guarantee at this point that we would win the war. Americans needed a little boost, and who better to give it to us than Mr. Jefferson.  And we still have that boost to enjoy today!

#5.  Today we celebrate the birth of a musician not only not born in the United States, but still a citizen of Germany. His name: David Lubega, but he goes by Lou Bega.  He turns the big 4-0, but his most famous song, which reached number one across Europe and number three in the United States, remains "Mambo No. 5," released in 1999.  Bega borrowed the melody from Perez Prado's instrumental favorite from fifty years earlier.  He wrote the lyrics himself, though, inspired by the time he spent living in Miami, Florida.  If you're one of the few people who don't know the song, here it is - but please be warned: the video may be somewhat risque!    

QUOTE:  Motivation is simple.  You eliminate those who aren't motivated. - Lou Bega

ANSWER:  C)  Helen Lovejoy, from the long-running The Simpsons, consistently expresses her concern over the welfare of the children, often for ridiculous reasons.