From "The Morning Call" pt. 7 - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello, blog lovers.  Delving yet deeper into our The Morning Call entertainment section, today we are going to move our attention to the bottom left-hand corner of the page.  In fact, we will start with God is My Co-Pilot.  The film was based on the autobiography of pilot Robert Lee Scott, Jr., who enlisted to be a flyer during World War II just three months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  In fifteen months, Scott flew an impressive 388 combat missions, clocking in an impressive 925 hours, flying between China and India, before being called back to the States in October 1943.

The movie, considered another piece of military propaganda when it came out towards the end of the war, is now regarded as something of a classic.  The aerial fight scenes were recorded in the air above Southern California, with a tragic accident taking the lives of five pilots in real life due to a midair collision.  With its autobiographical story line and dramatic fight sequences, God is My Co-Pilot is now looked upon as part of the historical record.
QUESTION:  Dennis Morgan starred as Robert Lee Scott, Jr. in God is My Co-Pilot, and was in a number of popular films during the forties.  Which of the following did he NOT star in?
A)  Christmas in Connecticut
B)  Tough Guys
C)  Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood
D)  The Lady Takes a Sailor

NICE PONY CAR!  It was this day in 1964 that Ford unveiled its newest car to the world - one that would start an obsession for many Americans.  We refer, of course, to the Mustang.  This muscle car, with its sleek body and powerful engine, would become Ford's best-selling car since the Model A in 1927.

HEEHAW!  Today is the 82nd birthday of none other than one of country-music themed comedy show Hee Haw's favorite host Roy Clark!  For twenty-three years, Clark entertained America on the syndicated show with his music, corny jokes, and an impressive collection of celebrity guests.  Clark even starred in six films, proving that his skills extend beyond the small screen.  Happy day, Mr. Clark!

QUOTE:  Never have more children than you have windows in your car. - Erma Bombeck

ANSWER:  B)  Tough Guys.  That was a 1986 action/comedy film starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas