Garth Brooks - February 25, 2014

Happy Tuesday!  As we celebrate the second workday of the week, we are happy to continue our series of the "Faces of the Tour" with the one and only Garth Brooks!  We at the blog are aware that fans of the country musician might be upset with us since we did not acknowledge his birthday on February 7th - when he turned 52 - but we hope you understand that we are all about being unpredictable, eclectic, educational and a little bit wacky.  Much like the American Treasure Tour itself!

Brooks had music in his blood.  His mother, Colleen Carroll, had been a country musician in the 1950s.  Despite that, he pursued athletics as his passion, getting a scholarship in javelin at the Oklahoma State University and a degree in advertising.  But by then he realized that music was his future.  He put out his first album in 1989, and it skyrocketed to the number two spot on the country charts, while reaching thirteen on the rock chart.  He didn't stop soaring until 2001, when he announced he was retiring from music.  Not to worry, his retirement lasted only eight years and he is back, performing concerts in Las Vegas and wherever he feels like it.  A man of his spectacular popularity can pretty much call the shots, and millions of fans are happy to have him back!


Who is Garth Brooks' wife?

a)  Melissa Etheridge

b)  Crystal Gayle

c)  Dolly Parton

d)  Trisha Yearwood

e)  Carrie Underwood

Answer Below


1919.  The State of Oregon passes a law requiring a one-percent tax on gasoline.  It is the very first state to take such an action, but would be far from the last.  In fact, it took only ten years for each of the other 47 states established their own taxes (prior to the admission of Alaska and Hawaii into the Union).  The federal government also got into the act, enacting an excise tax on gasoline as well.  There can be no doubt that this has proven essential to keeping the government going, since we Americans love our cars and, as such, we need our gasoline!

Americans have always been eager to adapt for technology, and on this day in 1933, the first ship ever designed to accommodate airplanes was launched.  The USS Ranger was one of only eight pre-World War II aircraft carriers ever built, and one of three to survive the war.  Due to its relatively slow speed, it was kept in the Atlantic theater, only to be scrapped once fighting was complete - at the Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1947.


He is turning 49 today.  Who is he?  Scott Thompson.  He is a native-born Floridian who started a career as a stand-up comedian while still in college, and continues to this day.  Using props and self-deprecating humor, Thompson has made a name for himself nationally.  In fact, he goes by the name of Carrot Top because of his bright orange hair.  Happy birthday, Carrot Top!

Another pop culture birthday we are happy to celebrate today is that of Sean Astin, also known as Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Astin has known the acting world all his life, as son of child-star Patty Duke, he first performed in front of a camera at the age of ten, hitting his early stride with the 1985 favorite The Goonies.  Astin remains quite busy, now taking stints behind the camera as well.  


It's our nature.  Human beings like success, but we hate successful people. - Carrot Top.

Answer:  d)  Trisha Yearwood - they married in 2005.